Groundwork Contractors in Dorking | Bulk Excavations & Hard Landscaping | Industry Terms Explained

Have you ever visited a groundworks website and found yourself lost in the complex terms? As trusted groundwork contractors, we understand that greater clarity helps you to better understand services such as foundation installations, bulk excavations, drainage installations and more. You can also rely on us for all forms of hard landscaping work in the Dorking area. As basement contractors, we are also the trusted choice for basement preparation services too.

At Dodwells Ltd, we always prioritise your satisfaction. To put your mind at ease, we come fully insured, highly qualified and make sense of confusing terms. See below for some of the more common phrases used in our industry.

Groundwork Contractors | Glossary of Industry Terms

Aggregates – Often seen in equestrian groundworks and some drainage installations, we typically use aggregates as filler or supporting material. We also use aggregates as part of bulk excavations as well as in gravel driveways, recycled concrete and other hard landscaping projects in and around Dorking.

Foundations – Available in both shallow and deep varieties, foundation installations transfer the heavy weight of the structure to the soil below. All properties across Surrey and Sussex need efficient foundations to ensure they remain safe and free from movement in the coming years.

Access Chambers – As basement contractors and groundwork contractors, we need easy access to drains and other areas beneath the ground. Access chambers give us the means to inspect stormwater pipes and sewage connections in Dorking and the surrounding areas.

Drainage – From equestrian groundworks to hard landscaping, drainage installations play a key role across our range of services. They involve site surveys, detailed inspections, bulk excavations and physical installation work. Our groundwork contractors also install soakaways and prevent waterlogging.

Equestrian Groundworks – This broad term involves laying the groundwork for equine owners. It applies to sand schools, lunge pens and riding arenas, and usually covers everything from design and bulk excavations to the finished structures. Our experts provide equestrian groundworks to clients in Dorking and the nearby regions, allowing horse riders to practice on a safe and supportive surface.

Subsidence – Clay soil can begin to shrink, leading to a shift in foundation installations. When this happens, the property may suffer from large cracks, torn wallpaper or trouble with the windows and doors. Accounting for subsidence plays a huge role in our work as groundwork and basement contractors.

Bulk Excavations – During bulk excavation work, our groundwork contractors remove large amounts of soil, rock and other materials from your site ahead of a construction project. We need to perform this service to bring your land to the right level and height in order to complete foundation installations, drainage installations and the construction work to follow. We may also reuse the excavated earth elsewhere on the site to help with levelling off.

Hard Landscaping – Another relatively broad term, hard landscaping refers to exterior, man-made features, as opposed to natural elements like turf, plants and trees. For domestic projects, hardscaping features include driveways, patios, tarmacking, decking and fencing.

Laser Grading – Used in sports ground maintenance and equestrian groundworks, laser grading achieves a precise, level finish. Our groundwork contractors use this technology to save time on the process, deliver an exact thickness and prevent drainage issues at your Dorking site.

To learn more about foundation installations, bulk excavations, soft and hard landscaping, drainage installations or any of our other services, please don’t hesitate to contact our professional team. As groundwork and basement contractors, we’re here to help.

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